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10 Brazilian Podcasts to Improve Your Portuguese Today (2021 Update)

Brazilian Portuguese Podcasts

If you’ve been looking for Brazilian Portuguese podcasts that are relevant and interesting, you’re in the right place.

At the intermediate level in Portuguese, your main goal should be getting as much exposition to authentic material as possible, such as Brazilian podcasts, newspapers, TV shows, soap operas…

Anything and everything you can get your hands on.

(Don’t do it blindly, though; add some tactics to your strategy to improve your Portuguese listening comprehension skills.)

But we know it: sometimes it’s just impossible to find adapted reading material. Let alone material for listening.

That’s why we have taken the liberty of listening to and selecting the best podcasts to help you improve your Brazilian Portuguese listening skills.

Criteria for Selecting Our Brazilian Podcasts

But it’s not simply any podcast that can feature in our list.

They have to meet specific criteria that we are going to explain right now.

  • Language: they should use standard Portuguese with a minimum of slang and different accents.
  • Subjects: they should talk about as varied topics as possible. The subjects must sound familiar.
  • Podcast length: Brazilian podcasts tend to be lengthy. In our list, most podcasts will be 10 to 30 minutes in length, with some outliers among them.

After doing some math, we came up with the level of difficulty for each one. Level five is the hardest.

You will find a list of the podcasts below. (Click on their names to be taken to their pages!)

And if you’re a beginner and would like to listen to a tailor-made podcast for beginners, click here to read the announcement and access the first episode. (new tab)

1 Autoconsciente (Updated Link)

Brazilian Podcasts about awareness

Description: The goal of this podcast is to share reflections and necessary actions to a life with more self-awareness. All discussions are based on the concept of mindfulness.

Keywords: Self-help – reflection – self-consciousness

Difficulty Level: one

2 Baseado em Fatos Surreais

Brazilian Podcast Baseado em Fatos Surreais

Description: a podcast with real stories and personal accounts of absurd stories that happen to women. Everything is described in the first-person voice.

Keywords: real-life – everyday life – society

Difficulty Level: two

3 Café da Manhã


Description: journalists Rodrigo Vizeu and Magê Flores bring news and analyses of the hot topics in Brazil and the world.

Keywords: current events – politics – society

Difficulty Level: two

4 Matando Robôs Gigantes


Description: in this podcast, the spotlight is on the nerd universe – movies, electronic games, comics, literature, and pop culture.

Keywords: pop culture – electronic games – literature

Difficulty Level: three

5 Poranduba


Description: in this podcast, Andriolli Costa talks about fantasy and fantastic stories of the Brazilian folklore. He draws lines between traditional practices and knowledge, ancient cultures, myths and legends, pop culture, literature, and modern movies.

Keywords: pop culture – Brazilian folklore – literature

Difficulty Level: three

6 37 Graus


Description: biologist and teacher Sarah Azoubel, together with journalist Bia Guimarães travel across Brazil carrying voice recorders to go after stories and to make science accessible by adopting a more sensible look at the dynamics of nature.

Keywords: science – biology – nature

Difficulty Level: three

7 Elegante


Description: This podcast focuses on topics that are related to movies. It brings information and discussions on themes related to the movie world and its philosophical propositions.

Keywords: movies – philosophy – culture

Difficulty Level: four

8 Encruzilhadas

Encruzilhadas Podcast

Description: Luiz Antonio Simas and Gabriela Moreira are the hosts of this podcast, “Crossroads.” They talk about, sing, think about, and explore topics that are essential to the Brazilian society, revealing cultural aspects that are present in the musicality and the lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro.

Keywords: culture – music – society

Difficulty Level: four

9 Travessia

Travessia Podcast

Description: Fernando Vives and Caio curate and organize in their podcast a musical selection covering specific themes of the MPB (Brazilian Popular Music). They bring more info about celebrities, curiosities, festivals, everything about the Brazilian artistic scene.

Keywords: culture – music – society

Difficulty Level: five

10 Intermediate Portuguese with Portuguese with Eli

Description: Weekly episodes about a variety of subjects—all in understandable Portuguese by a native Portuguese speaker (that’s me!).

Keywords: learn Portuguese – Brazilian culture – Brazilian history – Portuguese grammar

Difficulty Level: two

Bonus Section!

We’re adding new podcasts to the list (so, only ten podcasts is a misnomer… but that’s not a problem).

Bonus 1 Mamilos Podcast

Description: Mamilos means “nipples” in Portuguese. This podcast’s name comes from a meme where a boy says “vamos falar de um assunto polêmico: mamilos” (“let’s talk about a controversial topic: nipples”). And controversial topics are present in the debates of this advanced Podcast.

Keywords: Brazilian cultural and societal issues – Modern issues – debates and discussions

Difficulty Level: five.

Is there any podcast you would add to this list? Please leave it in the comment section below, and we will update our post considering your suggestion.


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