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The Best Courses and Programs to a New and Improved Portuguese

Whether you're looking to have one-on-one lessons or self-paced courses and programs to boost your confidence in speaking Portuguese, you can find it all here.

One-on-One Courses

Portuguese Conversation Lesson copres

Speak Portuguese from the Very First Minute with the One-on-One Lessons

If you want to stop just learning and start SPEAKING Brazilian Portuguese confidently, Eli and his colleagues will show you how.

Group Lessons and Memberships

BOOK CLUB Catalog 150 cp

Speak and Read a lot with the Brazilian Book-of-the-Month Club

You'll not only read important classics and have occasional bonuses; discuss your way to fluency with our Intermediate level and above group.

Self-Paced Courses

Pron Guide Catalog 150 CP

The Exclusive Point-by-Point, Cut-the-Clutter Portuguese Pronunciation Guide

Don't worry about learning interminable sound systems when you can focus on what brings results now.

Books by Portuguese with Eli

first suspense catalog cp

My First Suspense Graded Reader

If you like suspense, read an interesting graded reader written entirely in Portuguese for learners at the intermediate level.

teacher in a book catalog cp

The Brazilian Way – The Teacher in a Book Series Vol. 1

Two classic short stories specially adapted for Intermediate-level Portuguese learners like you. Get to know the Brazilian literature all the while counting on a "teacher" always there with you.

Accessible Brazilian Classics

A special group of classic books that make the Brazilian classics more accessible. Get a deep understanding of what makes our Brazilian society tick. To learn more about the series, just click on "learn more".


A Viuvinha

A disgraced Jorge can't find any solution for his companies going under. Now he doesn't know what to do, and his marriage is about to sink. But he has an ominous idea.


O Alienista

Doctor Simão Bacamarte has a single mission in his life: to cure all lunatics and crazy people. In order to do that, he doesn't care what he has to do. And the little town he conducts his experiments doesn't like it. At all


O Seminarista

Eugênio and Margarida meet as kids and their friendship evolves into the purest kind of love. But it's not well received by his domineering parents. To make things worse, Eugênio is to become a priest, while Margarida is believed to be loved by Satan.


O Cemitério dos Vivos

Having first-hand experience with the psychiatric system of Brazil at the beginning of the 1900s, Lima narrates a poignant account of his stay at the asylum. Two stories complement this book — a macabre gold rush and a woman whose common life was changed for a day in an act of defiance.


A Moreninha

Augusto is a man who loves all women but pledges to love none of them. And it all is about to change when he meets Carolina in XIX century Rio de Janeiro, and he's called upon to face his past.