The Best Courses and Programs to a New and Improved Portuguese

Whether you’re looking to have one-on-one lessons or self-paced courses and programs to boost your confidence in speaking Portuguese, you can find it all here.

One-on-One Courses

Speak Portuguese from the Very First Minute with the Brazilian Masterclass

If you want to stop just learning and start SPEAKING Brazilian Portuguese confidently, Eli and his colleagues will show you how.

Hone your conversational skills with the speaking-only sessions in Portuguese

If you already feel confident in your Portuguese and want to focus on speaking about diverse topics, the conversation lessons are for you.

Group Lessons and Memberships

Speak and Read a lot with the Brazilian Book-of-the-Month Club

You’ll not only read important classics and have occasional bonuses; discuss your way to fluency with our Intermediate level and above group.

The Continuing Education Program will take you very far, very easily

If you want to have the important ability to actually understanding spoken Portuguese, the Continuing Education Program will help you.

Enjoy a casual conversation whenever convenient with our Club

Talking regularly is the only way to master the colloquial language of Brazil. Get to know the Conversation Club After Hours today.

Speak more confidently, in Portuguese, in just 21 days

Eli is going to take you along in a challenge that lasts 21 days. And you’ll pick up a new system to improve your Portuguese.

Self-Paced Courses

The Exclusive Point-by-Point, Cut-the-Clutter Portuguese Pronunciation Guide

Don’t worry about learning interminable sound systems when you can focus on what brings results now.

The Punctuation Primer You Need to Write Well in Portuguese

Speaking is important, but writing is essential if you want to reach higher levels. In this course, you’ll develop the foundation of all knowledge you need.

Mastering the Prepositions Workshop

Prepositions are hard, but with this hands-on approach, you’ll use the prepositions much more naturally than you thought possible.

Mastering the Subjunctive Step by Step

Unlock the complexities of the Brazilian Portuguese subjunctive. Learn its usage, accurate verb conjugation, and express hypotheticals confidently.

Mastering the Five-Paragraph Essay in Portuguese

Writing is one of the best ways you can improve your speaking skills and grammar command, and in this self-paced course you’ll be able to do it masterfully.

Books by Portuguese with Eli

The Brazilian Way – The Teacher in a Book Series Vol. 1

Two classic short stories specially adapted for Intermediate-level Portuguese learners like you. Get to know the Brazilian literature all the while counting on a “teacher” always there with you.

My First Suspense Graded Reader

If you like suspense, read an interesting graded reader — written entirely in Portuguese for learners at the intermediate level.

Learning Guides – Individual and Bundled Episodes

If you’ve been following our Intermediate Portuguese podcast, you might need the transcript of specific podcast episodes. You can purchase them here.

Adapted Brazilian Classics

A more sophisticated Portuguese comes from knowing the classics that helped shape our society. Meet the Classics collection today and the books we have below.

A Canção de Marina (upper beginners)

Marina is a teenager who loves singing… but no one knows it. Until one day she is called to share her talent — and that awakens rivalries.

O Seminarista – Classics

Eugênio loves Margarida, a friend from childhood. But his parents don’t agree with that and decide to send him to the seminary. Will he manage to keep his love alive in himself?

Learn More May 2023

O Livro de uma Sogra – Classics

Wishing her daughter can have a happy marriage, Olímpia does everything she can to keep her daughter and son-in-law apart. And she learns a lesson.

O Cemitério dos Vivos – Classics

In the XIX century, a man with drinking problems goes to the asylum and writes about his experience. Based on the author’s life.

A Viuvinha – Classics

Following a bankruptcy, Jorge doesn’t know what to do, and his marriage is about to sink. But he has an ominous idea to escape this fate.

O Alienista – Classics

Doctor Simão Bacamarte has a single mission in his life: to cure all lunatics and crazy people. And, he’ll do anything to achieve that goal. Anything.

A Moreninha – Classics

A womanizer who says he will never fall in love with anyone meets an intriguing girl who will change everything.

O Picapau AmareloClassics

All the characters of the world of Fable go visit the Sítio do Picapau Amarelo, but will so many stories work well together?

The Man Who Knew Javanese

Would you teach something you don’t know if you were offered so much money you didn’t need to worry about finances anymore?