Everything You Need to Finally Speak Portuguese Confidently While Talking About What Matters to You

Yes! I’m ready to speak Brazilian Portuguese confidently and take advantage of all the benefits that being a member of Eli’s private student group brings.

Not only will I have the hold your hands support and:

  • Fully customized lessons that will attack your points in need of improvement (speak with more confidence from day one)
  • Convenient schedule to have your lessons (no need to steal family time to study)
  • A WhatsApp hotline for emergencies (now you can reach your teacher and don’t need to wait)
  • An exclusive email lifeline for the time you take lessons (save precious lesson time by sending your grammar questions via email)
  • An exclusive PSG – private student group – newsletter (deepen your knowledge about Brazil and talk with confidence with your friends)
  • Access to occasional supplements to get you keep in touch with the language (avoid forgetting what you learned)
  • Access to exclusive resources and webinars (grow your knowledge when you have free time)
  • Conversational lessons that are carefully planned (make the most of your time and money)

I’ll also have other benefits I’ll find out about along the way!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If after your first lesson — or any lesson thereafter — you feel you didn’t like it, or for no reason at all, just send me a message letting me know and I’ll issue a full and prompt refund on the last lesson you’ve taken. Thus you’ll have no risk when trying out our lessons!