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Online Brazilian Portuguese Lessons with Native Speakers Now!

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If you’ve been looking for Brazilian Portuguese lessons that are interesting and motivational and that will have you finally speaking Portuguese — without grueling grammar work and utterly uninteresting textbooks — then read on.

You may be learning Portuguese because:

  • You want to talk with your significant other…
  • You have so many Brazilian friends you can’t help but want to understand what they talk about among themselves…
  • Or even out of sheer curiosity…

But you feel you have to translate every single word in your mind before saying what you want. Or you are frustrated with such seemingly simple pronunciation points that other people grasp so easily.

Well, studying alone isn’t always a problem. But if you want to learn Portuguese quickly, then counting on a Portuguese tutor to help you might be an idea to consider.

Basic Portuguese Lessons

Have you ever felt that despite being able to speak Portuguese you keep bumping against roadblocks and falling in potholes along the way?

That might be because you never had any formal instruction in Portuguese.

Apps and textbooks can get you just so far. No matter how good they are, they won’t teach you everything you need to know.

That’s why considering basic Portuguese lessons might be necessary.

In those lessons, you’ll be reviewing — or learning for the first time — things such as:

  • Greeting in Portuguese
  • Counting and mastering the numbers
  • Vocabulary for everyday activities (these are constantly overlooked!)
  • The necessary tenses for you to speak correctly and with confidence…
  • and much more.

I offer personalized Portuguese lessons that match your level and take you to the next one as fast as possible.

For these, you can progress at your pace and have as many lessons as you want.

Ask for package deals if you want to have lessons more often.

Brazilian Portuguese Online Course

Do you prefer to work on your own or do you like to count on the camaraderie of a group of learners?

Four times a year — January, April, August, and October — I offer Portuguese group classes for very small groups.

If you’d like to get more information about and be part of one those groups, subscribe to our newsletter — or just send me an email by then 🙂

In these lessons, we follow a specific course designed by me. You have all the materials and supporting articles that you might need… And of course my personal attention.

For group classes, I partner up with other teachers who help me offer you timely support.

Brazilian Portuguese Lessons for Beginners

But what if you’ve never studied Portuguese and want to start from scratch?

You can take my Portuguese course designed specifically for people who have never learned Portuguese before.

You can study at your own pace, but you can cover the basic syllabus in under twelve hours of instruction.

You’ll be well equipped to deal with simple situations with limited vocabulary… But with the confidence that what you’re saying makes sense and is enough for survival.

Your Turn

I know, deciding on a Portuguese teacher online is a tough order. You don’t know much about me, and you don’t know whether you can trust me.

I understand it. I feel the same.

But if you are reading this, probably you have something in you that says you want to give it a try.

After all, I put up this website and it’s been online for quite some time now.

It’s full of content… I always respond to emails… and you always see new articles being added every week.

I also have testimonials and have been teaching online since 2016.

But if you still have questions about that, how about scheduling a discovery meeting?

It’s a 15-minute session for us to discuss your needs, your learning, and your plans regarding Portuguese.

All you have to do is get in touch with me and we’ll get it scheduled.

If not now… When?

I’m waiting for your message 🙂

Thank you,

Eli Sousa

Portuguese teacher

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