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Dear learner of Portuguese,

If you’ve been listening to our intermediate Portuguese podcast and would like to improve your Portuguese even faster, then you’ll probably benefit from the podcast learning guides.

And you won’t have any long-term commitments — other than the commitment you have with yourself to keep learning Portuguese.

You may get busy and committing to a monthly program might not be feasible.

And although I believe most students would benefit from the continuing education program, I know it’s not for everyone.

After all, a new episode goes out every week and you must sit down and listen to it with your learning guide. It’s a guide with a full transcript of everything that is said in Portuguese in the episode, plus other benefits such as the detailed glossary of the important terms and supporting articles to help you make the most of each episode.

It’s like having a teacher you can print out and carry along with you anywhere you go.

But sometimes you may get busy. And at those times it may be hard to keep up with the rhythm of the program.

But wouldn’t it be good if you could just pick out one of the episodes — one you are most interested in — and milk it for what it’s worth?

No stress, no deadlines… Just you and the guide.

And why would you choose only one?

Probably, it comes down to the topic.

Each episode focuses on a topic of everyday life in Brazil.

Like episode 126, in which we discussed pregnancy.

Perhaps you have a friend who is pregnant and you would like to know for sure the kind of vocabulary might want to use.

A perhaps you would like to see the episode on travel costs and travel in general since you already speak some Portuguese but don’t have the specific vocabulary.

After acquiring the vocabulary — and doing the suggested exercises — you’ll feel much more confident.

As one of our school members said,

“The wide variety of topics are interesting and informative and Eli’s sense of humor is evident throughout. I was especially pleased that it helped me improve my listening and comprehension skills as well as expand my vocabulary and reinforce grammar concepts.”
Jeanie B., Salt Lake City, Utah

And what do you get with each learning guide?

  • Thirty-to-forty-minute episodes — the right length to fit into any schedule. You don’t need to listen to the whole episode all at once — you can listen to it in chunks and study each part of the time. And it’s forty minutes of concentrated study — be more productive than in a few one-hour lessons and stop whenever you need.
  • A word-for-word transcript — improve reading and listening comprehension at the same time. And because it’s a word-for-word transcript you’ll be sure you will be pronouncing the words the correct way without making those silly mistakes that embarrass us.
  • A convenient PDF file delivered to your email address — retain more words, phrases, and sentences, and you’ll be able to express yourself and understand what other people say. How? Print the PDF file  to make notes. It has been proven to help retain more information, and the difficulty that it generates creates what Robert Bjorn from UCLA terms the desirable difficulty.
  • A glossary of the most important words — even if you don’t have the twenty minutes (or even five minutes) to devote to learning you can get immediately usable vocabulary by taking a look at the glossary. Your friends will be wondering about how you can come up with such natural and interesting vocabulary so quickly.
  • A special section called “Para ir mais longe” — one topic always lends itself to many conversations, and that’s what this section wants to help you with — giving you the vocabulary and the knowledge for you to discuss Brazilian matters in a way that will show both your intelligence and understanding of the different cultures.
  • An exclusive email lifeline for your learning guide — If you have any questions regarding the content of your learning guide, reach out to us through email and we’ll help you out!

Eli makes learning Portuguese more than just about the language itself.

Eli makes things fun, but at the same time, you learn an extraordinary amount of culture along with grammar and vocabulary. Eli is always very generous with his time. Every reading assignment has taught me more about the history of Brazil. It was amazing to learn through the lives of the people the experiences the country went through from the imperial era to its independence. Everything Eli has put in the Book Club has improved my Portuguese and my understanding of Brazilian history. [I] am able to practice reading the material out loud and then listening to it by a native speaker. It is helpful to me to improve my listening as well as my speaking abilities. The guides always are full of definitions that put the words in different contexts to help me better understand them and see ways to incorporate them into my use of the language. [I recommend the Program to] anyone who wants to improve their Portuguese. First, his school is very reasonably priced. Second, there is a great quantity of quality content. Thrid, Eli makes learning Portuguese more than just about the language itself. You'll learn to love Brazil and its people.

G Sellers, Taylorsville

You can purchase each learning guide at $4.99 apiece. And there is no long-term commitment.

I’m sure you’ll like the learning guide you acquire.

It’s like having a full-blown lesson that you can revisit as many times as you want.

Again, you can get these proven learning guides at $4.99 each.

And you are fully backed by our 100% guarantee!

Getting these learning guides is risk-free for you.

Order as many guides as you would like to and use them for a month. That’s an entire month to keep up with your lesson!

If during the next 30 days you decide the learning guides haven’t helped you — or for no reason at all — just email us and we’ll give you a 100% refund on the price you paid and our thanks for giving them a try.

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