Speak Faster and More Naturally, with a Solid Vocabulary when You Join Our Club

The average learner fails to read the important books that 1) help them develop a frustration-free vocabulary and 2) understand their friends and their Brazilian culture better for some reasons:

  • They are too busy with other things;
  • They procrastinate a lot;
  • They can’t find books that suit their level, especially if they’re bridging the gap between intermediate and advanced level.

Which one of these has happened to you?

I’ll try and find a book that is interesting to me and that I can actually read,” you think. But in most cases, what happens is:

  • You never get around to it. There are just so many things to do now — a video to edit, a house to clean, schoolwork, kids…
  • You buy the book someone recommended and forget it. You first place it on the coffee table. And little by little, the book travels its way to the most distant place in the bookshelf. Or even in the garage.
  • You get the book, open it, and give up — it takes you at least two days to go from page one to page two.

Our exclusive Brazilian Book-of-the-Month club knows what you’re going through.

A Club Unlike Others

If you truly want to communicate with friends and family in Portuguese in a way that connects immediately with Brazilians, knowing the books they read is an important step to that.

You see, books are also a great way to improve your vocabulary if you cannot live in Brazil. Even if you can, you probably don’t use as many Portuguese words as you do in English.

Being able to read and develop your vocabulary in a systematic way solves those problems.

The Brazilian Book-of-the-Month club has been set up to help you every step of the way to bridging the gap from the intermediate level to the advanced level. To do so, we provide you with one work of literature that has helped shape the Brazilian culture. Books that are so carefully prepared to give you what Robert Bjork, from UCLA, terms “the desirable difficulty”.

Love a challenge? Good! Because UCLA scientist Robert Bjork has found that when learning is made carefully and deliberately more challenging, the information sticks longer and better. This is what he terms “desirable difficulties.”

Not only that:

  • The novels and books you’ll receive have been adapted and updated (so you have vocabulary for immediate use to impress friends and family and communicate in a more significant way);
  • They’re chosen carefully by our Selecting Committee — teachers, professors, and other professionals involved in language learning and literature (in this way, you will be up to speed in your “Brazilian literature and history education” and you’ll speak more naturally);
  • The books are sent to your email and to your member page (you’ll always have the book conveniently waiting for you wherever you are whenever you want);
  • The volumes have embedded activities and discussions (consolidate the vocabulary to end the frustration of not knowing what to say when talking);
  • The files are in PDF format (print them and make your notes — the “desirable difficulty” of taking notes helps the information stick, and your Portuguese won’t leave you if you stop learning for a time).

Of course, you’ll probably agree that a book hand-picked by our Selecting Committee and prepared carefully for you is likely a book you’ll want to read.

But you might not know whether you wanted to read a book in a given month.

That’s why our Brazilian Book-of-the-Month club goes the extra mile for you.

You’ll receive a full Monthly Report on the book to be sent in the next month. In this way, you’ll know everything there is to know about the next book.

And It Can Get Easier

You know when you have a hard time trying to figure out what is on the page, especially when you’re reading in Portuguese? That happens for two specific reasons — lack of reading strategies and supporting materials.

And with the Monthly Report, you can put that reason behind. You’ll actually find it easier to read the Book of The Month. You already know the contents.

And because it will be easier for you to read, you’ll have more motivation. And motivation is one of the most important factors in determining success in developing a respectable and reliable vocabulary.

“But, what if I read the report and don’t like what is to come?”

If for whatever reason you don’t agree with the choice of any given month, you can request the book not be sent by pausing your subscription and you’ll not be charged.

Even if you let the book be sent and find it wasn’t worth it, you may request a refund.

In this way, you’ll be absolutely safeguarded against missing the books that’ll help you the most.

You will also keep informed of other worthwhile choices that our Selecting Committee recommends.

But we don’t expect you not to like our selection — they’ve been vetted by experts in your interests 🙂

And How Much Does the Brazilian Book of the Month Cost?

What does joining such an exclusive club with resources to improve your Portuguese in your spare time cost?

Well, that’s where things get interesting and exciting.

If you’ve been learning Portuguese for some time, you know that finding books suitable for your level is such a hard task.

Not only that — counting on the exclusive attention given by a team of professional teachers costs a lot of money.

You see, having only five hours of classes a month would cost you at least $175 (in current rates for our premium lesson, the masterclass). And that’s not counting the other resources you’d have to have in order for the classes to be smooth and pain-free — good Internet connection, a specific time of the week, every week, and, if you asked the teacher to come to your house, the price could shoot up to $500 very easily.

But right now, you don’t need to pay anywhere close to $500 a month to join the Brazilian Book-of-the-Month club.

Nor do you need expensive resources to be part of our club.

The ticket to join the Brazilian Book-of-the-Month club is $39 per month…

And if you subscribe right now through this offer, your monthly membership fee will never go up.

Surprise Gifts and Deep Discounts for You Throughout the Year

For Brazilian Book-of-the-Month members only, we offer a monthly deal — either special and deep discounts on a specific course or program — anywhere from 20% to 50% of the resources that can help you speak Portuguese faster and more naturally.

And because we want you to have a well-rounded education in Portuguese and Brazil, we offer special perks for members for free each month.

They range from special reports, reading supplements, group classes…

And in addition to that, you’ll have:

  • an email to have any questions you have answered…
  • constant access to experts and professionals to discuss the books you’ve been reading and ask for new recommendations…
  • a team of people working behind the scenes for you to cut through the clutter online, separating good resources from bad ones…
  • access to a full community of readers and learners of Brazilian Portuguese committed to unveiling the secrets that this country and its culture hide.

And don’t forget:

This special price is being offered only now and it has a day to end:

And because we keep sending more and more resources and adding more and more support for you, the price will never be lower than that.

One More Very Special Gift to Share With You

But before you make a decision, I would like to help you further.

We would like to give you a special report to get you introduced to the Brazilian way of writing and expressing ideas elegantly.

It’s a special and eloquent “cheat sheet” for you to get started in reading Brazilian Portuguese.

We know the way we express ideas in Portuguese may be daunting and very different — and even confusing sometimes.

That’s why we compiled this short report to teach you the ropes of communicating elegantly in Portuguese.

And it, you’ll learn how to:

  • emphasize your ideas for stronger impact;
  • present your ideas elegantly so you command attention of the people you’re talking to;
  • express your ideas clearly in writing by using a logical structure.

And much more.

How Do I Get Started?

It’s very simple.

All you need to do is click here and you will be directed to our secure membership sign-up page.

Insert some basic information and confirm your payment.

And remember: $39.00 monthly will never go up. This price remains the same for as long as you keep your subscription active.

As a Brazilian Book-of-the-Month club member, you will:

  • receive a monthly book — we’ll let you know when we add a new book on the first Friday of each month;
  • receive special discounts and freebies so you can always keep motivated and learning;
  • have a special access to our group of experts who will help you understand the stories and ideas behind the stories even better;
  • count on an email lifeline you can send exercises and questions to so you’ll never leave one doubt in your mind;
  • get immediate access to our special report, the Elegant Portuguese Speaker;

And when you join today — through this invitation — your membership fee will never go up. It doesn’t matter if we add a ton of benefits. Your price will never go up.

And we would like to welcome you to our Brazilian Book-of-the-Month club as a new member.

An Ironclad 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

And this is unheard-of in the teaching industry. At least here in Brazil.

I totally guarantee your satisfaction with your membership to the Brazilian Book-of-the-Month club.

You can sign up right now, receive the book that is coming, take a look at the bonuses that we have included… And keep reading for the next thirty days.

You have thirty days to decide whether you want to continue with your membership.

If you’re happy with what you get, you don’t need to do anything. Simply wait for the next book to come and the fun to begin.

But if for whatever reason you’re not happy with your subscription, just let me know within 30 days.

I’ll cancel your subscription, give you a full and prompt refund, and you can keep the book and the report you may have downloaded as my way of saying thank you for having given it a try.

But I do urge you to hurry.

It’s costly for me to keep so many perks and benefits available for so long at such a price.


Eli Sousa

PS. I understand there are other options out there. They’re mostly entertainment options.

But it’s my bet that you read up to this point because you find everything exciting, interesting, and beneficial.

It makes sense to you.

You can probably see the book delivered to your email box and member page every month, you making notes on it, and then going on to speak with friends and family with way more confidence, showing off your new and improved.

If not now, when?

Remember: there are no risks in trying our membership.

Do it now.

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