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A Beginner Portuguese Podcast to Help Us All

a woman listening to a beginner portuguese podcast

Some people decide to learn Portuguese for family reasons. Many more people elect to do it as a hobby. And quite a few study Portuguese because of college. And no matter what group people belong to, they have a hard time trying to find good materials when they are just starting out.

As for listening comprehension with podcasts, beginners struggle to find a beginner Portuguese podcast that is both entertaining and interesting without being overly teacher-ly. Or one that won’t leave them scratching their heads.

In fact, many learners postpone developing their listening comprehension skills for lack of proper material. It’s either too advanced or too boring.

Then, they wait until “they know enough” in order to practice and listen to audio programs.

But they also feel they are missing out on something important. After all, Brazilians are known to speak very fast. It’s easy to follow a controlled conversation. It’s hard to follow a freewheeling conversation.

And when you wait until you know enough, it may be too late to make smooth progress.

In fact, that’s why we decided to establish a new podcast for beginners of Brazilian Portuguese — to help you move forward as smoothly as it gets, from the very beginning.

It’s called Read Brazilian Portuguese Every Day. We made it after careful analysis of what we have done with our intermediate-level podcast. We wanted to transfer successful learning strategies so that beginners could benefit from them.

Every weekday we publish a new episode. In each episode, you’re going to listen to a short and interesting article. We’ve decided to keep it short. In this way, you can have the perfect amount of practice in your busy schedule. And we’ve made it interesting, meaning that we are not going to cover extensive grammar points and stuff because you already have that in our grammar and vocabulary sections here.

Each episode has an article to follow. Click on the episode description to find the link to the relevant article.

In the article, you’ll find a glossary of the most challenging expressions and sentences.

And of course, if you have any questions or comments you can leave a comment in the article itself.

And all feedback is much appreciated!

So, if you haven’t been listening to a beginner Portuguese podcast (“where can I find it?”), now we can study together every single day for around ten minutes at a time 🙂


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