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a portuguese story about imelda marcos

An Obscene Collection of Shoes, A Former First Lady, and Portuguese Stories I love stories to learn Portuguese. And to teach, too. I’m going to disclose what some of my methods of teaching are. In my Portuguese lessons, I really …

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Brazilian portuguese love phrases in Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese Love Phrases for The Poetic Heart Disclaimer: this article contains affiliate links. Your buying from them supports me in keeping this website. A few decades ago, there was a book called “Amor Brasileiro” by Luis Fernando Verissimo. In …

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drawing with inscription what to say after you say hi in portuguese

What to Say after You Say Hi in Portuguese… And That Works for Non-Introverts, Too You know that feeling. It’s your first conversation lesson. It’s a new teacher. You introduce yourself, the teacher introduces herself, and that’s that. Or, you’re …

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What’s All This Hype About Reading Portuguese?   Why should you bother reading Portuguese? Many Portuguese teachers—present company included—would tell you that reading is the best way to improve your Portuguese. But you know what, it’s not always like that. …

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