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Why Portuguese Graded Readers Will Transform You into Social Chameleon

Portuguese graded readers will transform you into a social chameleon


As a Portuguese learner today, you probably can speak your way in Brazil or with friends. But you want to understand the slang and grasp some of the cultural nuances.

Now, there is a new resource for truly understanding Brazilian culture worth a closer look.

You may have already seen a Portuguese graded reader online. Commonly, these are simply translations from English texts produced by a fly-by-night publisher who wants to cash in on your needs.

We are talking about a different ilk of books here.

Unlike the aforementioned translations, these graded readers are straightforward, written in a way that is closer to what you would find in authentic materials for Brazilians. Plus, they are original and classic stories about Brazilian society — directly or indirectly — that will help you grasp what people talk about and why.

In fact, when using Portuguese graded readers to improve your skills, you can become a “social chameleon.” You’ll be someone who can connect on a whole new level with friends and family using Portuguese, and little by little you won’t be the gringo anymore.

Typically, graded readers should feature supporting material to make the task easier — you don’t want to be thrown into the jungle without any help.

It is critical that the person behind the graded reader understand what the learner’s needs are.

You don’t have to be content with simply reading a badly performed translation online. The books in the Teacher in a Book series will become your allies in deepening your knowledge, grasping the Brazilian culture, and making your Portuguese more sophisticated.

If you want to express yourself the way you would do in your native language, then you’ll find it a very valuable resource to attaining your goal.

Until July 18, you can purchase the first book of the teacher in a book series for 50% off the regular price.


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