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Places to visit in Salvador — Bahia (after the Coronavirus)

pelourinho is one of the places to visit in Salvador

We all know that this Coronavirus pandemic has changed everything in our world.

We cannot travel, we cannot see our friends in person… But when it’s over and you have the chance to visit Salvador — Bahia — you should definitely see those places.

And your guide in this trip is the managing editor of, Rodrigo.

As you’ll see in the interview, he first came to Salvador as a tourist and fell in love with the city. A few years later, he came here to stay.

The five places he recommends now are among the ones that tourists tend to see a lot… But they are not touristy.

And because he has first-hand experience as a local, Rodrigo adds a new twist into each one of his recommendations.

Here are the highlights of this interview:

  • Previously a manor, the Solar do Unhão now shelters a multitude of cultural places to visit — a museum, a movie theater for independent movies, and a snack shop with local, natural, and healthy snacks. And close to the Solar, you can find Dona Suzana, a famous cook featured on Netflix.
  • Ribeira is one of the most traditional neighborhoods in Salvador and the ice cream shop that takes its name is as traditional as anything in Salvador. Customers who go to the Sorveteria da Ribeira range from people like me and you and celebrities like the talented singer Ivete Sangalo. And the best thing is that after having ice cream, you can go for a walk by the seashore.
  • Pelourinho is a place everybody visiting Salvador must go and see. Even Michael Jackson went to this place. And he liked it so much he decided to recorded music clip there — a location that up to this day live on its fame.
  • The Lighthouse of Barra isn’t only a lighthouse — it also houses a museum that very few people know about. Is that because it’s so conspicuous?
  • Jorge Amado’s house became a beautiful museum after his and his wife’s passing. You get to know their love story and their careers, which mingle with the story of our country.

So, waste no time and listen to the Portuguese interview right now.

And go here for the supporting article.


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