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The Closest to Having a Portuguese Teacher in a Computer Folder

having a Portuguese teacher in your computer helps


No, I’m not talking about having a program.

Not even having online lessons with a Portuguese teacher like me.

I’m talking about the closest thing to having a Portuguese teacher in a computer folder.

One of The Best Resources to Learning Portuguese

An e-book is far superior to a program for learning Portuguese.

It doesn’t replace a teacher completely, but it comes very close to it.

And, it boasts more advantages than the aforementioned alternatives, especially for busy people like you.

First, there are no yearly licenses to worry about. When to purchase an e-book, it’s yours. You can have it on your computer, you can print it out and read it… You can even store it in your iPad.

All programs are very good because they encompass built-in audio—at least usually—but they tend to be a memory consuming resource for your computer.

And the worst of all is having the inconvenience of popping your laptop open and turning it on, waiting for it to load up, then running the program…

It requires a whole ritual.

And, if you have a family to take care of, a job to tend to, or a life to live, setting aside the time to sit down in front of the computer to “play” the learning program, it’s a challenge.

Secondly, although you may learn culture from a teacher (and you should), programs don’t offer such an opportunity.

And sometimes, “teachers” don’t understand the culture of the country. It’s that they don’t know it, it’s just that they ignore it. As I have talked about before, those are the “lyrebird teachers.”

And Portuguese e-books encapsulate culture better than any other resource. The next best thing would be traveling to Brazil, visiting all museums you can visit and… Reading books about Brazil.

It’s like having a teacher in your computer, but better.

Having classes with a teacher is an ongoing investment. You should consider carefully whom you hire and your goals.

And an e-book is a one-time investment that keeps on giving.

The Teacher in a Book Series

The Teacher in a Book series is… Em… A series of books 🙂

It is the way you can have my “personal” assistance to improve your Portuguese even faster.

It’s a group of original and adapted stories that I have personally selected, prepared, and overseen the writing thereof.

After reading one of them, you’ll know more vocabulary to express yourself clearly… And have many more subjects to talk about with friends… Interesting conversations that will show others your language prowess.

And right now, until July 18, the first book in the series is for sale!


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