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Brazilian Portuguese Internet slang is changing all the time, but here are a few terms you can use today and sound more natural this year.

What do the colors of the Brazilian flag represent? In this short article, you’ll learn some trivia you can use with Brazilian friends.

Brazilian Portuguese CHildren's books to learn Portuguese

5 Brazilian Portuguese children’s books to Start Reading Portuguese You’ve probably gotten this advice somewhere — read Brazilian Portuguese children’s books if you’ve never read anything else. The logic is, because those books were written for children they must be …

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The Story of Chegar in Portuguese and Some More for the Road If you’re here, you’re probably curious about the verb chegar in Portuguese. Why are you that curious? After all, in English it’s arrive. In French? Arriver. In Italian? …

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Flirting in Portuguese the Right Ways so You Don’t Sound like a Jerk Is that what you really want to know? Flirting in Portuguese? Kudos to you. Making a pass at someone in our native language is hard enough. Imagine …

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