It’s much easier to learn (and speak) Brazilian Portuguese when you have a roadmap to help you go faster

Grab now the Portuguese Learner Starter Kit to help you speak Portuguese

Dear reader,

According to the website Trip101, it takes about three years for a beginner to be ready to climb Mount Everest.

The soon-to-be climbers have to undergo a very demanding preparation process. They need to do climbing conditioning, strength training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility training.

And they also need to climb high altitudes just to practice.

But most people think that hiking and climbing are a matter of willpower. To an extent, it is. But willpower alone will not take you very far.

And unfortunately, many unprepared climbers are on Mount Everest to show us that motivation alone won’t cut it.

With language learning, it’s the same.

If it’s just a hobby or something you want to do on a weekend, you don’t really need to devote a lot of time to it. Maybe a couple of hours a week, just for kicks and laughs.

But if we are talking about high-altitude linguistic “climbs” — such as enjoying a conversation with a good friend or talking to your significant other in their native language — you do need to have some preparation.

And to prepare well you do need the right equipment.

According to an interesting article written by Clay Abney for The Manual, a website about lifestyle, climbing Mount Everest in 2017 cost an average of $45,000.

But prices reach as much as $85,000.

Lucky for us, the equipment necessary for climbing “Mount Brazilian Portuguese” won’t cost that much.

In fact, the biggest investment for you is in the preparation itself.

You might be using language apps currently. But both of us know that we need to put in the time and effort away from our mobile phones.

That’s why I have prepared a free kit for you to learn Portuguese with more confidence, leaving out the frustration that most students usually have because they lack a roadmap and adequate resources for them to learn.

What is included in the Portuguese learner starter kit?

  • A free pronunciation guide — speak with more confidence and fix those mistakes that you are already making and you may be unaware of.
  • A cheat sheet with the most common verb tenses used in everyday life — save time and energy so you can focus on what matters.
  • A supplement with the 100 most common verbs, their common meanings and examples — so you can get started talking about what matters to you with the right verbs sooner.
  • A guide on how to use the verb tenses — it’s a book you want to go back to as you continue learning to get a new insight every week and speak with more precision and confidence and avoid stupid mistakes.

And this guide is available to you right now.

And don’t wait. I know you may be thinking you are not ready to make this commitment with yourself. But you know what? Most people say that, but they are ready to make a commitment with entertainment options — nothing wrong with that. It’s just that they didn’t get their priorities right.

If you’ve come to this page and read this short letter, I bet you have found it interesting and exciting. Well, you might want to see it for yourself if it helps.

All this has been prepared by me — Eli — a teacher who works daily with several students and who has worked with people just like you who needed to communicate in Portuguese quickly, effectively, and with confidence.

So don’t wait. Grab your free Portuguese learner starter kit right now and start climbing that Mount.

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