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Death And Love – And Lots Of Violence – In Jaw-Dropping Brazilian Movie For Free


Brazilian movie bacurau


Brazil isn’t famous for its films, with soccer looming large. But the few films that make it to the international theaters are worth the watch.

You can check out many of them on Netflix and other paid subscription services like Amazon… And they’re really worth watching.

But it’s even better if they are free.

And that’s exactly what Telecine is doing here in Brazil.

Tomorrow, at 8 PM, they will be streaming this Brazilian movie on YouTube.

There are no limits, you can watch it live and participate in the debate about the movie.

A Brazilian Movie Never to Forget

It must have been something in the water… Or maybe it might have been the pills.

It was a small town in the countryside of the northeastern part of Brazil.

And if you’re Brazilian, the mere mention of that region brings up the picture of emaciated animals and poor people having to make do with the little food they can get.

(Of course it’s not like that everywhere, but it sure strikes a nerve with many people.)

But if that were the problem, it wouldn’t be the material news are made of.

There are a bunch of people who live in the city – or who are returning.

There is Lunga, a violent criminal who is tolerated, accepted, and even acclaimed by the townsfolk.

There is Domingas, a fearless doctor who – after a friend dies – believes she is not loved by the people she helped.

And there is Teresa. She went back to her hometown – Bacurau – to see friends and an old love but that’s not what surprised her.

Much to her surprise – and to everybody’s – Bacurau had vanished from the maps.

No, the physical town, the brick-and-mortar places still existed.

But you couldn’t find the city using Google Earth or another similar service.

After they learn that the city “disappeared,” the deaths began.

That’s as far as I can go into the description without spoiling the experience for you.

Watch It for Free On YouTube

I’m so excited about sharing this with you. This is one of the best movies around. And to watch it, simply follow the instructions below. It’s free and open for everybody.

Sessão #FIQUEMCASA – Bacurau (complete movie)

On Thursday, June 18, at 8 PM (GMT-3)

You can also set a reminder:

(Eli’s Note: the movie was streamed free on June 18, but the following day Telecine removed it — which is fair. You’ll find the official trailer below)

And after you have watched it, let me know your opinion about it.

I’m sure this is a big, big conversation.


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