Understand more of what you hear in Portuguese… While acquiring a vocabulary that will have your friends asking…

What’s Your Secret?

Dear learner of Portuguese,

If you want to have the important ability to understand what Brazilians say… All the while discovering a new world with lots of history, action, adventure, and culture, this letter will show you where and how to get it.

Eli has personally helped
more than 100+ students speak Portuguese naturally and easily

Here’s the deal:

I’ve created a podcast using all the best practices of the best lessons I’ve personally taught — not sold a video to, or not recommended to my YouTube Channel— 100+ students both off-line and online in the last eight years.

You probably know the podcast Intermediate Portuguese — and if you don’t, I apologize, but you should not be here.

Listen to it first to benefit from it.

I publish one episode every Wednesday (my day “off” from teaching) and another on some Sundays. Both are free to listen to, and about 150 people benefit from each episode each time it’s published.

If you’ve been listening to them, you understand the value they have. You can get very good education on Brazilian Portuguese and all things Brazilian in twenty-minute episodes.

In preparing them I use all I know and find to work best in a one-to-one lesson. Of course, you can even learn more — since you can listen to the same lesson more than once to get it right…

But I wasn’t happy, even though I was providing you with college-level education in Portuguese something was lacking.

I then created a complete companion for the episodes published on Wednesday.

And for myself I call it.

The Portuguese with Eli Continuing Education Program

Because that’s what it is:

Every week you’ll receive your file in your member vault, read it while you listen to the podcast, and get vocabulary and expressions you can use the same day with people you know — and if you keep coming back for more you’ll get…

An enviable vocabulary that allows you to express yourself the way you mean to.

But that’s not all you get with your Portuguese continuing education program membership.

It’s so easy it’s like I’m personally holding your hand to show you things.

Your weekly learning guide is delivered in your easy to access member vault.

It’s a ten-page (sometimes more) guide that will have everything you need to start building an enviable vocabulary that will have your friends wondering what your secret is.

And in it, you’ll get…

  • One weekly episode in easy-to-digest intermediate Portuguese — so easy to fit it into your schedule that you’ll never lose the pace of studying. (And avoid giving up on learning Portuguese for long stretches of time!)
  • Twenty-minute episodes — the right length to fit into any schedule. You don’t need to listen to the twenty minutes all at once — you can listen to it in chunks and study each part of the time. And it’s twenty minutes of concentrated study — be more productive than in a one-hour lesson and stop whenever you need.
  • A word-for-word transcript — improve reading and listening comprehension at the same time. And because it’s a word-for-word transcript you’ll be sure you will be pronouncing the words the correct way without making those silly mistakes that embarrass us.
  • A convenient PDF file in your membership vault — retain more words, phrases, and sentences, and you’ll be able to express yourself and understand what other people say. How? Print the PDF file  to make notes. It has been proven to help retain more information, and the difficulty that it generates creates what Robert Bjorn from UCLA terms the desirable difficulty.
  • A glossary of the most important words — even if you don’t have the twenty minutes (or even five minutes) to devote to learning you can get immediately usable vocabulary by taking a look at the glossary. Your friends will be wondering about how you can come up with such natural and interesting vocabulary so quickly.
  • A special section called “Para ir mais longe” — one topic always lends itself to many conversations, and that’s what this section wants to help you with — giving you the vocabulary and the knowledge for you to discuss Brazilian matters in a way that will show both your intelligence and understanding of the different cultures.
  • An exclusive email lifeline for the time of your membership — I said this is a continued education program in Portuguese, and such program wouldn’t be complete without a Q&A. You can send your questions and get an answer in up to 48 hours (you’ll usually be answered on the same day but just in case we need some leeway to work with.)
  • Plus special perks — like a Student Forum, additional resources and more — in our school (that will be sent your way upon registration)!

And you will probably agree with me that an investment of twenty dollars would never pay for this kind of education if you went to an ordinary school.

But I am not satisfied if I don’t bring you the best education you can get to advance your Portuguese from the intermediate level to the advanced level and above.

Fast Action Bonus

A busy person’s guide to shadowing, the secret technique.

Understanding what your teacher says in the podcasts is one thing — talking to real Brazilians in real life is a different story.

Most of the time, they talk too fast, they gobble up words, and they do away with lots of vowels.

In this short report, you’ll discover how you can speak Portuguese more fluently in a matter of a month.

Plus, you’ll get to learn a technique used by professional language learners, a technique so simple that you can do in five minutes a day and get an extreme benefit after a single week.

A Small, Very Low “Risk” Investment that Can Pay Back in Spades

Now you’ve seen all the Portuguese with Eli Continuing Education Program can offer, you can realistically expect to see improvements in your Portuguese in one month… or less.

It’s no pipe dream.

You can get started today, download the learning guides, listen to the podcasts, and see progress.

Then, you watch your favorite show, speak with your Brazilian friends, and make the most of the new vocabulary and listening skills you’ve acquired.

Put yourself out there. Try it for 30 days.

Each podcast is a full lesson that can help you learn a lot. And my students pay full price for each lesson — no discounts — which can amount to $960 per year if taking only one lesson a week.

And one lesson a week is basically what you get — with benefits, of course — with our PwE Continuing Education Program.

But it might be hard for you to make the time and money commitment to pay $960 per year, arrange a specific time in my schedule (since it’s usually full a couple of weeks in advance), make it to the lesson, count on having good Internet connection…

So if you join our PwE Continuing Education Program today as a member, you’ll pay $20 monthly.

Yes, it’s only $20 per month.

The price of five Cinnamon Dolce Lattes at Starbucks (but who has it all the time?) or about $0.66 per day. And it’s much less than you’d pay for one single course credit in your life.

And to get started now, you can click on the button below. You’ll be taken to the registration and order form. After you complete it and confirm your payment, you’ll be sent an email with instructions.

But It’s Not for Everyone

As encouraging and welcoming as I try to be, I must warn you this program is not for everyone.

First, it involves no solid guarantee that you’ll reap the benefits I promise. If you don’t put in the work that is necessary — at least 5 minutes a day, every day, please don’t subscribe.

You should get your priorities right first.

If you think you’ll sign up and become *fluent* in a week, please, don’t subscribe.

Learning a language is a long-term thing — it’s “slowly acquisitional”, something you build over time, not a magic pill you take now, jump and click your heels and Shazam!

And though it’s called Continuing Education Program, it’s not a textbook. You can find them online or in your favorite college, and textbooks are static things. They never evolve (this program does). They’re good if you need a basic foundation but not really that good if you want to understand what you hear on the streets in Brazil.

And though I include a transcript for every Wednesday episode (the numbered ones) after episode #100, the episodes that came before are being transcribed by Yours Truly. And I have carpal tunnel syndrome, so I’ll finish typing the previous episodes… later rather than sooner.

But I guarantee every new episode being published after #100.

So, you can join now for just $20 per month. And have immediate access to all published guides and episodes.

And, if at the end of 30 days, you feel the Program isn’t really helping, let me know.

I’ll cancel your membership immediately and stop billing your credit card. And you get to keep any guides you’ve downloaded as my thank you for having given it a try.

If You Are Not Happy with Your Vocabulary and Listening Comprehension Skills now… You Might Be in 30 days!

Speaking good Portuguese is possible, doable, and rewarding.

The nice feeling you have when you speak what you mean the way you meant it to be… having your friends in awe or, better still, not even noticing that you’re not Brazilian…

It is all possible.

You just need to give it a try.

Click the order button below and let’s get started.

And if you have any questions, just let me know.

I’ll do all I can to help.

To Your Success,

Online Portuguese Teacher
Portuguese with Eli

P.S. I forgot to mention that once a month we have an exclusive episode for the subscribers. It always goes on the last day of the month. It includes all the most important points of the podcasts that were published throughout the month, an in-depth exploration of some themes, and much more to help you really make the most out of your investment.

And this exclusive episode goes only for subscribers.

So, if you are still on the fence, I suggest you click on the button below, fill in with your information, get the confirmation of your membership, and start benefiting from everything we offer here. Do it now, study for the next thirty days, and if you think you didn’t really improve any even though you gave it your best shot just let us know and we will stop billing you.

Subscribe today.

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