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Dear Brazilian Portuguese learner,

You’re getting acquainted with our culture. You are reading books and articles, watching Brazilian soap operas and TV shows… Even talking with Brazilian friends.

However, you still feel something is lacking.

Effective, enjoyable, and professional lessons


Here with us, you’ll find professional guidance to develop your Brazilian Portuguese.

You’ll have fun and enjoy every minute of it. You’ll laugh and talk and express yourself.

And, at the same time, you’re going to see you’ll have very effective conversations.

Conversations that will teach you something valuable and useful that you can use right away to express yourself in Brazilian Portuguese.


I’ve been studying Portuguese with Eliaquim for almost a year now, and I cannot say enough good things about him. As a professor, Eliaquim has every possible skill that you can think of; and on top of that, he is a wonderful human being. Classes with Eliaquim are super productive, engaging and fun at the same time; perfect balance every time. Eliaquim is one of the few professors out there that can take a true beginner student of English, Portuguese, Mandarin (and soon Spanish) all the way to fluency, granted the student is willing to put in the effort. Simply superb!

– Ezequiel M., United States


Many people teach Brazilian Portuguese online. That is a fact. But not all of them are prepared teachers with years of experience under their belts.

When learning a foreign language, your top priority should be getting proper guidance.

Only in this way can you save years of frustration and conversations that lead nowhere. To be sure, they may be fun and engaging. But, if you don’t know where you’re headed, you may end up learning the language for a couple of years and still not able to speak it.

And what better way of getting proper guidance if not on the Internet?

Tailor-made conversation lessons


When you book your trial lesson, I will personally get in touch with you to ask you a couple of questions. Those will help me to get to know better who you are and what you like.

I will prepare a specific lesson to meet your requirements. You’ll learn conversation, grammar, and vocabulary.

You’ll learn how to speak it properly without being afraid of sounding like a paper shredder. (Nobody sounds like that, but sometimes we may be afraid of this.)

Ironclad moneyback guarantee


And of course, since this is the first time we’ll meet each other, I have a special guarantee for you. After all, meeting new people online may be scary.

You may find the lesson useful, but perhaps you believe I’m not the teacher for you. That’s a fact of life. And I totally understand that – I work with people, for people.

And in case you find you would rather continue learning on your own, or with another person, all you need to do is drop me the word and you receive a 100% refund on your trial lesson fee.

I will ask no questions, and there will be no hard feelings.

So, what are you waiting for?

Book your trial lesson now. Remember to insert the coupon code SPECIALTRIAL when booking your lesson.

And do so quickly. The available spots run out very fast. With such a good guarantee, I keep receiving trial lessons and repeat customers all the time.


Yes, I want my trial lesson


PS: and if you book your lesson now, you also be able to join our private Facebook group for improving your writing skills in Brazilian Portuguese. This is an invitation-only group, but you get to participate in it as my thank you for having tried a lesson with me.


PPS: you also get a free subscription to our bi-monthly bulletin “Brasil Hoje, Português Agora.” It’s totally written in Portuguese with recordings to help you improve your listening and reading skills. Our Brazilian writers prepare special learning articles to help you improve your Portuguese even faster.