Have you ever said: “I can’t seem to understand more advanced Portuguese even though I can speak it and understand it fairly well”?

It’s unfortunately all too common.

You’re speaking with a Brazilian friend. You can understand him all right.

But then his friends come by and start talking. Everyone at the same time.

You look at this one, then at that one, alternating to whoever speaks. But you can’t quite understand what they’re saying. And you just keep there smiling.

Then, one of them looks at you and asks what you think.

And again, smiling as if you didn’t hear that you ask him to repeat.

He repeats, and with some bumps the conversation goes on.

The problem with that is that you can hear all right. You have no problem whatsoever with that.

It’s just that when many people start talking at the same time… You can’t understand it.

Is it because they are speaking too fast?

That might be it. But chances are you need to dig a little deeper to find where the problem is.

A startling fact about your vocabulary

Dear Reader,

When you were a little baby, you started learning your mother language.

You picked up words at an incredible speed. After all, you didn’t have to work or study or do anything else.

At the age of ten, you knew way more than 20,000 words. And you kept adding more at an incredibly fast rate.

But the fact is, you didn’t rely solely on what other said. If you did that, you’d be considered illiterate.

To supplement such a large vocabulary, you also read newspapers, ads, product labels, leaflets…

And whether you acknowledge it or not, reading had a great influence in what you are able to express.

When you went to school, reading started playing a most important role.

You developed more thinking skills.

You were exposed to vocabulary you wouldn’t be otherwise.

You got to know more facts, things, people, and places then you would be able to if you didn’t have the books.

And thus, speaking and reading, writing and listening, speaking and listening, reading and writing…

Doing those things — most of them at the same time — enabled you to understand what people say without having to think about it.

You can follow the same path to speak but in a more efficient way.

The thing is, the average Portuguese learner feels lost.

They don’t know what to do next. And they run to online tutors on marketplace websites that put them all together as if they were cans on a shelf.

A good number of those online teachers out there have no clue as to what they are doing.

It’s simply all too easy to enroll in an online course, , take a few easy tests, get a certificate, sign up for a website, and say “I’m a teacher”.

And as I said, not knowing where to begin is just the start.

Finding out what to do next is even harder.

You probably can speak intermediate level Portuguese.

You can read an online page about a topic you know a lot.

And sometimes you even venture into talking about a more specialized topic.

But when you reach the intermediate level, what should you do next?

After all, you already speak some. Remember that 10-year old you? Well, it’s time to do some reading and have your Portuguese-self grow up.

You should read.

And what should read?

That’s where the classics come in.

You will be shocked when you learn the truth about the classics.

If you are like most people, you believe the classics are those boring books our teachers in high school forced us to read.

Or, they are those books that you have never read but are always talking about them with your friends…

“I’m rereading the Great Gatsby.”

Or, even more common still, you may believe you have better things to read, more modern books that are published every day.

Whatever the case is, all of those opinions are just that — opinions.

The classic books of a language — in our case, Portuguese — are those books that have never finished saying what they have to say.

Um clássico é um livro que nunca terminou de contar sua história.” – Italo Calvino, Por que ler os Clássicos.

Differently from the paperbacks that are sold by the bucket load in newsstands around the world, the classic books never finish their story.

You can read a classic today and once again fifty years later and it will be a new book both times.

But the classics offer much more than simple “replay enjoyment”.

Classic books tend to have a wide range of vocabulary, expanding your understanding in a way you wouldn’t do otherwise.

Classic books shape the society where they live in. Knowing them personally makes you more aware of the cultural differences that the mistakes and faux pas so frequently spring from.

Classic books are still a source of modern culture, and in finding out where a popular book or song came from makes you a more intelligent and versatile speaker.

And the Brazilian classics are more accessible now.

In college, if you ever took any humanities course, you’ve probably seen heavy tomes about a book.

And, according to Italo Calvino, those tomes give us the false impression that those books say more than the classic in question…

But that’s not true.

Nothing beats reading the classic itself.

You might object to it, though. After all, the vocabulary with which those authors wrote their classics tends to be inaccessible.

But with the Brazilian classics, high Brazilian literature is easy-to-understand and enjoyable to read.

Just imagine yourself diving deep into the formative works of the Brazilian society.

Works that explain our modern culture… Bring you more advanced and intelligent vocabulary… That enable you to talk with propriety about anything Brazilian.

But not only that.

The Brazilian classics also:

  • feature simplified and modernized language. Have usable vocabulary immediately to write and speak with more ease.
  • Bring accompanying and explanatory texts about the period the books were written in. Build better connections with other people because you understand them and their background.
  • Contain sparse footnotes. Find the most important words at a glance and keep reading, saving you tons of time.
  • Are in easy to print PDF format. You’ll never lose your book, and you can print it to write on it guiltlessly.

And since writing has been proven to help retention, you can learn even more.

If it all boiled down to those benefits, the Brazilian classics would be the real deal.

But we decided to add even more.

  • Exclusive feedback on your writing. You can validate your thoughts entirely in Portuguese and achieve greater clarity and more ease of expression. A twenty-dollar value!
  • Exercises that take you into consideration. Focus on really interacting in and with the language instead of mindlessly filling in the blanks. Build the think-in-Portuguese habit.

You can pick out your classic today.

Every month, a new Brazilian classic is published here.

And you can purchase them individually.

Considering that it would take you at least six or seven hours of instruction to get the gist of the book with some basic vocabulary, you would be shelling out at least $120 for each book.

But through this offer today you don’t need to worry about paying that amount.

In fact, you will pay only about 10.8% of this presumed price.

And you can get each individual book at $12.95.

But that’s not all you get with your purchase.

An ironclad 100% satisfaction guarantee.

And because we believe the best way for you to improve your Portuguese after you reach the intermediate level is by reading, we stand behind our belief.

Get the book now. Read it for the next thirty days. Do the exercises, write your essay, get the feedback on your writing…

And if within thirty days of your purchase you feel your Portuguese hasn’t improved… Or you didn’t really like it… or for any other reason at all… Send me a message before the thirty days are up and I will give you a prompt and courteous refund on your purchase price..

And you can keep the book as my way of saying thank you for having given it a chance.

Make the decision today to discover a new world in Portuguese.

You can decide right now to start discovering an entirely new world in Portuguese.

You can discuss that with your friends, and they will probably ask you what’s your secret.

You can see the improvements in your reading speed and vocabulary.

You’ll be using words you wouldn’t think of otherwise, words that let you express yourself more like yourself and less like a translated book.

If you really want to enjoy those benefits, act now.

Because I am a solo teacher, I give feedback on your writing myself.

And the more people who send in their writing, the more time it takes me to finish responding to their essays.

Because of that, I may need to increase the price to reduce the workload…

(You don’t want your teacher to stop working because he can’t type, do you?)

So, take advantage of this out-and-out bargain while you can.

P.S. I understand you might have your own questions about reading the classics.

And I can think of only three reasons for that now.

One, you think it all might be way above your head.

You don’t need to worry about that.

First, the writing has been simplified and modernized. The vocabulary you’ll see in it is a bit more advanced, granted. But it’s not very different from what you already know.

And being able to read what you see is going to give your motivation a boost.

And you’ll be confident that you can finish the book to the last page.

Two, you are perfectly okay with the Portuguese you’ve got.

And that’s a very good reason. Many people don’t need to go above average. They can have conversations, understand some of what they hear, and speak with some confidence.

If that’s the case, you don’t need to worry about reading the Brazilian classics. They will help, of course, but they can help you do something you don’t want to do.

Three, you are worried that your investment in this asset won’t pay for itself.

And after all, you can use your dollars in other entertainment options. But I bet you find everything you’ve read so far interesting and exciting and it makes sense to you. You can picture yourself having more intelligent conversations using Portuguese with your friends, significant other, and other people you might stumble upon in your trips to Brazil. You can probably feel the pride that comes from having achieved something very few people do if ever.

If that’s the case, give it a try.

You can click and take a look at the whole catalog right now and choose your book to start with.

Then, you will be directed to a protected area where you can insert your payment details.

After you confirm your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions about how to access your new book.

And anytime you need any help, you’ll have all the information you need to get in touch with me directly.

So, don’t wait anymore. Act now!

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