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If you’re learning Portuguese online, finding the best resources might be confusing. Sort through the clutter with this definitive guide.

portuguese preposition contractions

When I lived in my hometown, Maracanaú, I had many curious neighbors. And I learned some about the Portuguese preposition contractions — in fact, a lot about life, too. Dona A would bring her stool to the sidewalk, put it …

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A Lying Friend — A Portuguese Slang Lesson   Lying. This is something we all do from time to time. It doesn’t matter whether we’re trying not to disappoint a friend who bought a horrible dress, wanting to stay home, …

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What a Quirky Bird Teaches You about Learning Portuguese   The other day I came across something that really got me thinking. It’s a small bird that is more common in Australia. The funky little thing won’t impress you at …

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If you’ve been looking to watch a Brazilian movie to practice your Portuguese, grab this chance to watch one of the best Brazilian movies of all time free.