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a vocabulearn portuguese review

Vocabulearn Portuguese: Listen to it Until You Want to Scream You may’ve heard about Vocabulearn Portuguese, but chances are you haven’t. In either case, just imagine someone calmly mowing the lawn with their earbuds on. You look at their sunlit …

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best Brazilian portuguese textbooks for the independent learner

Best Brazilian Portuguese Textbooks for the Independent Learner So, you decided to learn Portuguese, on your own, and want to find the best Brazilian Portuguese textbooks to study from. Or you’re having conversation lessons with your teacher, and want to …

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Should I learn Brazilian or European Portuguese?

Should I learn Brazilian or European Portuguese? Ellie – my namesake – wants to make better use of her time during the pandemic and decides to take up a new language. In her case, it’s Portuguese. She’s learned some Spanish …

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portuguese pronunciation mistakes you make without knowing

Snickers — Portuguese Pronunciation Mistakes to Avoid Those are true stories of Portuguese pronunciation mistakes some of my friends and students made… And they blushed. (I changed their names and one of the stories had to be modified and might …

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drawing with inscription what to say after you say hi in portuguese

What to Say after You Say Hi in Portuguese… And That Works for Non-Introverts, Too You know that feeling. It’s your first conversation lesson. It’s a new teacher. You introduce yourself, the teacher introduces herself, and that’s that. Or, you’re …

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